Beneficial herbal teas help you get and stay fit and vital. Enjoy fine blends from organic farming or high-quality varieties from wild collections. After the sumptuous Christmas meal, the best way to pamper your stomach is with a spicy ginger tea! The essential oils contained in the root have a digestive, detoxifying and invigorating effect. On cold winter days, ginger tea warms particularly well from the inside. And if you don’t want to enjoy ginger tea pure, you can choose from many delicious green and black tea blends with ginger pieces. DEMMERS TEEHAUS – tea culture that draws!

In DEMMERS TEEHAUS in the Gerngross department store, you will find over 200 different types of tea, a selection that offers the right tea for every taste! In addition, you will find a wide range of tea accessories and tableware, such as teapots, tea bowls, tea filters and rock candy. Another popular part of the assortment are the customized tea gifts and the large selection of exquisite sweets. We will introduce you to tea culture with expert and friendly advice that draws!